Mac&Beauty distributes the keratin KerarganiC on Paris.
Make your Brazilian care and straightening with our natural products.
Guaranteed result for any type of hair: frizzy hair, Afro hair, European hair.
Call us or send us an email for further information and advice.
Delivery throughout France and Europe.

The Keratin Kerarganic is the new generation of hair therapy based on natural products:

  • Restores the strength and elasticity of hair in order to restore the health of damaged hair,
  • Eliminates frizz by reducing volume.
    Ideal for any type of hair: frizzy / afros and european.

Manufactured in the United States, compounds of Gold nanoparticle without formaldehyde, with UV protection, not tested on animals.

  • 85% of organic plant products including argan oil,
  • 15% natural products including hydrolysed keratin with very little preserving (to preserve the life of the product).


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