Know how to adjust the temperature of my straightener

How is the adjustment of the temperature of a straightener decisive?

We often advise to opt for a straightener whose thermostat is adjusted for the simple reason that the temperature adjustment will condition the smoothing itself, its effectiveness and results, but also the aggression for your hair .

But you should know that any temperature can not adapt to any type of hair. Indeed, the more your hair is thick and difficult to smooth, the more it will be necessary to choose a high temperature. Conversely, the more your hair is stiff, thin and fragile, more care should be taken to select a low temperature, so as not to burn them.

How do you know which temperature is right for your hair type?

It is often difficult to find the ideal temperature the first time, so it is always safer to opt for an adjustable thermostat so you can test the different degrees of heating and see the result on your hair . It is necessary to find the happy medium with a temperature which allows you to smooth your hair after 2 to 3 passages maximum on the same wick and which does not burn your hair fibers. Do not hesitate to choose a lower heat than you would have thought if it offers you a satisfactory smooth quality.

Nevertheless, we can already give you temperature scales according to the nature of your hair:

  • For straightening, thin and / or sensitized hair: Opt for a temperature less or equal 180 ° C
  • For wavy, curly hair and / or normal thickness: Adjust your straightener between 180 ° and 210 ° C
  • For curly, frizzy and / or very thick hair: Select a temperature between 210 ° and 235 ° C

Know how to adjust the temperature of my straightener